I’m looking at you through the glass
Don’t know how much time has passed
Oh God, it feels like forever
But no one ever tells you that forever
Feels like home, sitting all alone inside your head


The official Alpha Male Madness 2014 results are finally in! And the winner is: JENSEN ROSS ACKLESS!!!

This is Jensen’s 4th consecutive win and he remains the undefeated champ of this tournament! Well done everyone!

And well done to everyone in the BatB Fandom; Jay Ryan is defiantly a worthy opponent and you have our respect for your dedication, your classy conduct, and for giving us such a tough fight! 

As a treat for all of our voting, they gave us an exclusive new photo of Jensen from an upcoming episode of Supernatural!


The Alpha Male Madness Tournament used to be biennial (occur every two years) but they changed it up this year. Looks like it’ll be an annual thing from now on. See you all in 2015!^.^


Can we just talk about how great of an actor Jared Padalecki is though? Because that doesn’t even look *remotely* like Sam. That is 100% Ezekiel. All thats the same is the face. The movement, the expressions, and even the way he *blinks* doesn’t look like Sam at all. If you don’t think Jared is amazing there is something wrong with you.


SPN meme. One hunter

John Winchester

In the end, he gave his life for his son(s). 



I love how he drags his hand over the bed like but I don’t wanna get up.

friendly reminder that jensen was actually asleep during this scene 

The demonic virus that travels through blood

The demonic virus that travels through blood



In the series, "I have strange fandom project ideas", here is the fic Twist and Shout by Discover and Trunkcoats summed up on a 135 cm (53.1”) paper scroll and folded into a cute sketchbook.

I used only two black ballpoint pens, a mechanical pencil (for construction lines) and a sepia Prismacolor pencil (PC943 Ocre Brûlée) - And just a couple of drops of red ink for the blood.  You can see on the photo set above the various parts of the sketchbook before it was assembled (Photo 7) and the drawing before it was folded (Photo 8). I’m very happy because I managed to scan it! (Click on image 1, 2, 3 for full view) ♥

I want to buy this

I’d buy that.