All Aboot me & FAQ 

So… here I am, making an “About Me” page. I’m rubbish at these, only because I’m not so great about talking about myself. Please bear with me!

My name is Meghan, some people call me Meg, or Megs, (when I game, people usually call me “Nerdy” since I use Nerdygamerchick most of the time as a game handle/ID) but I’ll answer to almost anything though.
EDIT: I have started using Winchester as an ID as well, and there was a big long post about feminism and being a nerdy gamer chick and assholes that terrorize lady gamers and blah blah - but i ultimately deleted it cause..yeah. Maybe another time. 

This is me! 

I suppose the basics are that I am female, I was born in ‘79 in California, I’ve moved around a lot but currently live in South Texas.

I’m a nerd (obviously!) and really love science, science-fiction, history, art, …. The list goes on and on.  I’m open-minded, socially aware, and I keep up with politics and world news. You can kinda figure out what I’m into by browsing this blog anyhow. 

I never graduated college, but I had been going for a major in graphic design, and a minor in art history. I think that if I went back, I’d just take classes that would help me do something that I love, which is writing. 

I can’t be arsed to always capitalize my I’s or use apostrophe’s. I also use some internet lingo, but this doesn’t mean I’m senseless or dumb. My brain usually moves too quickly for my fingers to keep up, and mostly i’m trying not to have too many typos.

I appreciate decent grammar and people deciding to use complete sentences.

I can be overly verbose, and have been known to use archaic and obtuse language. It’s just kinda how I am. Hopefully you can deal, as I have no intention of changing.

I swear like a sailor.

I am pretty much an awesome individual.

I do follow a large group of people. A majority are just people that seem to share in the same fandoms and interests as I do - Please don’t be offended if I don’t follow you back.
I currently follow something like 400+ people, and I have a hard time keeping up as it is. This number is sure to grow though. I will look at and browse the blogs of everyone that adds me, but sometimes the content doesn’t closely match my own likings. I’m not a madly particular person, but try not to take it too personally if you notice I don’t immediately follow you back. 

Currently, I have about 500 followers. This number tends to flux and jump suddenly, and I’m always quite surprised when it does. I appreciate all of you, there are a million other blogs you could follow, and you chose mine. So thank you!

My askbox is always open, and anon is on. I think everyone likes getting messages, but I’m not going to beg for them. 

If you want to know something about me or have a question about something, feel free to drop me a line!

I’ll try and update this page as needed, or add in things that people ask me.