Jared Padalecki → Friday the 13th

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Jared in Friday the 13th part [1/?]


Jared at JIBcon 2014 [x]


Jared at JIBcon 2014 [x]

" He said ‘us’."
Every Supernatural fan after 9x23, smiling through their tears and rejoicing because Dean has finally acknowledged his self worth.  (via bitchjerkassbuttidgit)


This, ladies and gentlement, it’s what a man will be when lose the true love of his life.

Crying, Desperate, and going Crazy.

" And the angel tablet, arguably the most powerful instrument in the history of the universe is in pieces, and for what again? Oh that’s right: to save Dean Winchester."


"Uh, that was your goal, right?  I mean, you draped yourself in the flag of Heaven, but ultimately, it was all about saving one human, right?"

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